What we now need, hence, is not so much to find new political ‘leaders’ capable of designing and enacting grand plans to lead us further up the complexity pathway, but to ensure that we can make collective choices that are fit and appropriate for an age of scaling-down expectations. There is no sign that this […]

I’ve compiled a playlist on YouTube, featuring several videos that will help you learn more about our proposals to incorporate Ecocide into existing law – particularly the Rome Statute establishing the International Criminal Court. I’ve also included a couple of videos showing ecocides that could potentially be tried using ecocide law, but are currently rather […]

Left vs right is a very interesting discussion when it comes to environmental politics. I come from a former communist country – we had a totalitarian communist regime for 45 years, which, one may argue, was never real communism. They tried to abolish private property by forcefully nationalising people’s land and assets. Many were brutally […]

The same people who used to say climate change wasn’t real, are now saying climate policy  is ‘political correctness gone mad’. Time to act is clearly running out, but I am really lucky to be surrounded by people who work on mitigation, campaign against fossil fuels and simply do their bit at home to prevent […]

This was a people’s tribunal,  which cannot enforce any verdict, yet it is capable of influencing legal and public opinions. The purpose was to test how ecocide law could work in practice, as well as juxtapose the human rights aspect of environmental crimes with the damage to ecosystems. Below is a fairly short video summary […]

Attended a very interesting workshop on mobilising people for climate action. Here are the top reasons why people do not engage. – It seems distant – Human brains do not get exponential growth intuitively (inventor of chess asking for one grain of rice for the first square; two for the second; four on the third; […]

Aware of critiques of neoliberalist approaches to nature conservation, I had to respond to a question about whether the term ‘ecosystem services’ (ES) should be substituted with something else, the questioner evidently assuming that using the word ‘services’ would somehow open Pandora’s box of ecosystem destruction. Historically, ecosystems have been subjected to destruction long before […]